Subject: Re: access point list from Lucent wireless cards
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/18/2001 19:34:36
Andrew Brown <> writes:

> dude.  that's really kewl. "trick" the card into sending a
> "probe request", and the card itself records the responses for a short
> period of time?  or do you have to poll the card frequently?

I have an ioctl that tells the card how frequently to send out a
probe request, and I have an ioctl to fetch the last poll results
from the card.

> what criterion are you using for putting names like "" in
> there?

That's the SSID, which is common for a service group.  It's
transmitted in the beacon packet.

The access point name itself is a different beast, and has to be
probed for, so of course one can only probe for access points you
have the WEP key for, or which have WEP disabled.

> >I plan on cleaning up the driver and committing it later this week,
> >along with a program, probably called wimonitor, which will display
> >the nearby access points.
> cool.  anything i can do to help?

I'd like to have a device (/dev/wi0 or something) that can be used as
a method to pass data into and out of the kernel.  I'd use this as a
way to pass along packets that perhaps I don't want to send to the
IP stack (management, encrypted or undecryptable frames, etc) as
well as a general purpose async notification pipe for monitoring
AP associations, signal strengths, etc.

Does this make sense perhaps?