Subject: Re: .../CVS/Root files and meaning of their life
To: NetBSD-current <>
From: Xavier HUMBERT <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/17/2001 01:41:29
In message <>,
I dumbly wrote:

>Today, it took two hours to sup pkgsrc, while there were only a couple
>of changes. I'm actually running a script who calculates the amout of
>megabytes for CVS/Entries files blindly fetched. I expect no less than
>5 MBytes.

Well, I'm slightly exaggerating. Let's run my perl script (search for
the pattern /^SUP Receiving file (pkgsrc.*\/CVS\/.*)$/ in the log file,
and stat it)

[root@arnor root]# ./ 2001-09-14-sup.log
Total is 229188 bytes in 1814 files

Not that big in bytes, but 1814 files, and 1814 directories to update in

In fact, I count :

[root@arnor root]# grep current-pkgsrc 2001-09-14-sup.log
SUP Upgrade of current-pkgsrc at Fri Sep 14 21:06:47 2001
SUP Upgrade of current-pkgsrc completed at Sep 14 22:33:55 2001

Well, 1 and half hour on my RNIS phone bill, that's not _that_

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