Subject: fsck fscked-up my filesystem
To: None <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/13/2001 21:53:54
I'm not sure exactly what happend, but I've just ended up with a very 
corrupt filesystem after a crash.  It could be that the old version of 
fsck that I have (-current of circa april) is incompatible with the latest 
kernels, but I'm not sure.  Anybody any ideas?

 If I'm right, and it is related to the relative versions of the two, then 
folks need to be very careful not to run fsck manually after rebooting 
with a new kernel since old fscks will really mess your directory 
structure up.

Symptoms: system crashes leaving filesystem not unmounted cleanly.  Fsck 
-p runs and complains that it can't do the job, run manually;  run 
manually manythings seem broken (the whole of my /usr partition ended up 
in lost+found); forcibly run fsck again and the file-system still seems 
broken (this is repeatable).  Back off to old kernel; fsck fixes disks ok 
(though they are still messed up by the first fsck run).

(of course, I may just have built a duff kernel somehow).