Subject: EXB 10i changer: drive 0
To: BSD Current Users <>
From: James Graham <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/07/2001 08:38:57
Greetings, all,

I have been the fortunate (?) recipient of an EXB-8500 inside an EXB 10i
changer.  When I run chio ielem, it manages to initialise all the slots
and the picker, but the drive always comes up in EXCEPT status, and
I'm not quite sure as to why.  The drive itself works fine, but I can't
get the changer to access the drive.

Any suggestions?

[Please Cc: me, at least, in reply, as I am no longer on the list due
to the high volume -- I'll probably resubscribe once I have a job.
Speaking of which, anyone need a Systems Administrator/Scripter in
the San Francisco Bay Area?  I've been on the hunt for the last three

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