Subject: Re: Hauppauge WinCast/TV cards
To: Jared D. McNeill <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/2001 15:32:54
[ On Monday, September 3, 2001 at 14:15:53 (-0400), David Maxwell wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Hauppauge WinCast/TV cards
> On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 10:06:36AM -0700, Jason R Thorpe wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 01:59:27PM -0300, Jared D. McNeill wrote:
> > 
> >  > I noticed on the back of the card that the 'radio' input wants coax hooked
> >  > up to it -- will a normal television antenna do the trick here?
> > Yah.
> Cable companies also transmit select FM radio stations on their lines.
> Note that the frequency often isn't the same as the on-air frequency.
> That's probably why they use a Coax connector.

Probably -- assuming he means the radio connector is the same "F" series
(threaded, 3/8ths inch) coax connector as the CATV input.  That's kinda
odd though as it would require an external splitter if you were to also
connect it to the CATV source.

Note too that the F connector is almost certainly at 75 ohms impedance,
whereas most television antennas, or proper FM radio antennas (eg. those
made of a T-shaped hunk of leader line), are at 300 ohms impedance.  You
should get one of those little barrel shapped impedance matchers with an
F connector on one end and a bit of leader line coming out the other end
with spade connectors on its wires.  They're usually the wrong sex for
what you want, but that's easily corrected with a bit of RG-59 or RG-6
coax with male ends on it.

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