Subject: Re: lfsv2 instability
To: Antti Kantee <>
From: Dr. Frank Kardel <Frank.Kardel@Acrys.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 09/02/2001 16:04:37
Antti Kantee <> said:

> Is v2 supposed to work? I just get lots of "Ino nnn free, but not on the
> free list" when running fsck on a freshly made filesystem. That's not
> very significant, but the problem is that not after long the filesystem
> degenerates into a state where nothing short of newfs_lfs helps.
> Also, the manual page of newfs_lfs states that version 1 is the default,
> when by code inspection it would seem that v2 is the default.
> So basically my question: if I just want to use lfs, should I fall back
> to lfsv1?
I tried V2 about 6 weeks ago for about 4 weeks (and 2-3 current upgades).
I went back to V1 when it had hosed my local CVS repository (thanks
for the backups i had!). So far it doesn't seem to me too stable as
it seems not to only lose inodes but also mess up data in files. Thats
where i got worried. Maybe it still needs a bit debugging.

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Frank Kardel

Frank Kardel
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