Subject: Re: Is 'make build' really broke?
To: Ken Cross <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/2001 05:57:22
>> >Has *anybody* done a successful make build recently?  If so:
>> yes.  from sources cvs updated on august 20, at 3:20pm gmt.  or
>> thereabouts.  it took about 20 minutes for the update to complete.
>It was around that date I started having problems.  Twice in the last 4 days
>I've done complete checkouts to make sure I hadn't screwed something up, so
>mine are very recent.

hmm...i suppose i should expect proglems if i update again, then.

>> >  o  What tools are you using (/usr/bin or toolchain or combination)?
>> uh...whatever gets built by default on sparc.  i decided to do my
>> sparc because that's the most "disposable" of my machines.  if it gets
>> burned up doing a build, i can just reinstall or whatever.
>I'm on 386 machines, although I've been trying to do it on 3 different ones
>with similar results (must be because the same operator is involved  :) ).

could be.  :)

>> >  o  What are the settings in mk.conf?
>> BSDOBJDIR!=echo /usr/obj/${MACHINE}-on-`uname -m`
>> TOOLDIR!=echo /usr/src/tools-`uname -m`
>> i'm just a little pedantic.  :)
>Hmm.  I've been using:
>  __TOOLARCH!=uname -m
>  TOOLDIR=/usr/obj/tools/obj.$(__TOOLARCH)

yeah...i think i posted that.  then i decided that the !=echo thing i
have above accomplishes the same end result in less lines.

>which are the tools built (unless MKTOOLS=no is set).  Maybe I'll give your
>setting a try.

hmm...i didn't end up with a tools directory with stuff in it.
perhaps because i didn't create the directory ahead of time.  fleh.

>Thanks for the feedback!


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