Subject: Re: Is 'make build' really broke?
To: Ken Cross <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/2001 05:23:23
>Is 'make build' really broke?  I haven't found *any* combination of
>1.5/1.5.1/current that will let me do a complete, clean 'make build' on
>the -current code.  I've done everything in UPDATING (numerous times in
>different combinations) to no avail.  Every time I pass (or ignore) one set
>of problems, I hit something else.

hmm...i was about to do my laptop, but i guess i'll hold off a

>Has *anybody* done a successful make build recently?  If so:

yes.  from sources cvs updated on august 20, at 3:20pm gmt.  or
thereabouts.  it took about 20 minutes for the update to complete.

>  o  What tools are you using (/usr/bin or toolchain or combination)?

uh...whatever gets built by default on sparc.  i decided to do my
sparc because that's the most "disposable" of my machines.  if it gets
burned up doing a build, i can just reinstall or whatever.

>  o  What are the settings in mk.conf?

BSDOBJDIR!=echo /usr/obj/${MACHINE}-on-`uname -m`
TOOLDIR!=echo /usr/src/tools-`uname -m`

i'm just a little pedantic.  :)

>  o  What is the sequence of manually building pieces?

lessee...first i started it and it died doing a dependall in
gnu/usr.bin/grep.  that one was easy to fix.  UPDATING told me what to
do.  after that, it sailed on to the end.  then i did a make release
and that had a little trouble until i updated a few of the sets lists.
apparently i updated in the middle of a window.  hmm...that means i
have a new current sparc snapshot (sans x, which is why i usually
don't mention it).

>Inquiring minds want to know.  ;-)

yes, of course.  fwiw, the last build i did on the machine was on jul
18, so i wasn't too far off the mark when i started in the first

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