Subject: Re: sshd Change: PermitRootLogin = no
To: NetBSD Security Technical Discussion List <>
From: Tim Preston <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/2001 09:14:49
Greg A. Woods wibbled one day

> If any significant number of the NetBSD administrating population are
> wanting to login directly as root in any fashion whatsoever (i.e. by SSH
> or on any other terminal but /dev/console) then I'd be rather surprised
> and dismayed.

I think you're assuming there is one 'holy grail' security setup. In the
real world there are so many external factors this can never be the

I've always taken the view that any 'user' on any system can gain 'root'
level access if they try hard enough and long enough. My views on
security reflect this.

More than a few of my boxes ONLY allow root logins and don't have any
'user' accounts. I'll keep it that way thank you ;)

Security is not a black and white issue unless you start turning boxes
off and sealing them in concrete ;)

I'm back...