Subject: Re: Short 'gnu/dist/toolchain' guide anywhere
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Markus W Kilbinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/2001 22:44:33
>>>>> "Todd" == Todd Vierling <> writes:

    Todd> No, USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN isn't even intended to be set by hand
    Todd> at all. It is supposed to be set by a directive at the
    Todd> top-level build, where a `bootstrap' toolchain will be built
    Todd> (using the gnu/dist/toolchain "GNU configure" mechanism) and
    Todd> used to build the rest of the tree.

How to direct 'make build' to use the old egcs etc. or the new
toolchain then?

... and how in case of cross-compiling?

    Todd> : But why is pkgsrc/devel/gettext-lib needed by some other pkgsrc stuff
    Todd> : if /usr/lib/libintl.* is present?

    Todd> My guess is that you upgraded NetBSD after installing such
    Todd> gettext-using packages; it shouldn't be needed by most (the
    Todd> USE_LIBINTL marked pkgsrc) after upgrading to a version with
    Todd> libintl in /usr/lib. (/usr/lib/libintl appeared in -current
    Todd> after 1.5.)

Good guess, probably. But:

  x11/gnome-core/Makefile:USE_LIBINTL=              YES


So, when the in-tree build of .../toolchain is available, 'make build'
will yield the compiled toolchain binaries under
/usr/{bin,lib,libexec}? (So I get rid of this problem...)