Subject: macppc 'make build' fails in /usr/src/lib/libvers
To: None <>
From: Samuel Hornus <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/29/2001 02:07:19
Hi, I did a cvs update of -current sources 2 days ago (or yesterday ?)
on my macppc :

- kernel 1.5X builds fine.
- make cleandir; make obj; make build

        fails : isobel# pwd
                isobel# ./make-print-version
                Illegal instruction (core dumped)

isobel# gdb -c make-print-versi.core
This GDB was configured as "powerpc--netbsd".
Core was generated by `make-print-versi=EDhN=A8'.
Program terminated with signal 4, Illegal instruction.
#0  0x1800a58 in ?? ()

well... any clue ? (sorry, I'm a novice coder and should not use
-current but... :-) )