Subject: Re: the telnet vulnerability - is it actually fixed?
To: John F. Woods <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/26/2001 15:15:23
On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 02:04:41PM -0400, John F. Woods wrote:
> > 'peer died' messages are generated easily by telnetting and hitting
> > Ctrl-D at the login prompt. It either means someone tried to login and
> > gave up, or someone was testing your machine.
> > In all testing of the exploit that I did, you would see a 'No such file
> > or Directory' for any attempted, or successful exploit.
> Here's what I saw:
> Jul 26 00:09:30 jfwhome telnetd[2617]: ttloop:  peer died: No such file or directory
> Jul 26 00:10:46 jfwhome telnetd[2626]: ttloop:  peer died: No such file or directory
> Jul 26 00:37:57 jfwhome telnetd[2846]: ttloop:  peer died: No such file or directory
> Jul 26 00:39:33 jfwhome telnetd[2847]: ttloop:  read: Connection reset by peer
> Jul 26 01:22:44 jfwhome telnetd[2627]: ttloop:  peer died: No such file or directory

Looks to me like the sk tried the exploit - and its test mode would have
claimed you were vulnerable. If this was a non-1.5, or non-i386 box, the
sk was stumped as to why the exploit failed, and decided to telnet to
the port to test it - saw the login, and did Crtl-D. Reassured that
telnet was answering, he tried the exploit again.

If this is a 1.5 i386, it's probably time to look at the system in more
detail - particularly with mtree, tripwire, etc.

> It certainly looks like the script kiddie community has jumped on this bug
> with relish.  Before this was announced, that last time I saw that message
> was April 17.

In looking at systems I have root on (and installing the patch), I
didn't find any occurrences of 'No such file...', prior to the release
of the exploit on bugtraq, but I have seen some since.

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