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To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/12/2001 10:27:23
> > I need to construct a patch to the makefile for named to insure that
> > optimisation is disabled.
> That's the wrong approach. You need to send-pr the compiler. What
> makes you sure this bug isn't going to hit anything else in the source
> tree?
> > I'm just curious, not trying to cause a problem with this, but if
> > this has been a known issue with BIND vs. the compiler, why in the
> > world hasn't the Makefile for it already been patched to force -O0?
> > I mean, does nobody else out there do secondary zone transfers?
> Mark, are you still listening? Do you know if the GCC people have a
> fix for the problem, and is there documentation about when this bug
> stings?

	No, I'm not actually on this mailing list.  We (ISC/Nominum)
	to the best of my knowledge have not sent off a bug report or
	are aware of whether this bug is fixed in a later version of
	the compiler.  

	We did recommend to the person who orignally reported it that
	they file a bug report against the compiler.

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