Subject: NetBSD plays .wav ultra fast
To: None <>
From: Nigel Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/10/2001 19:12:28
I send this to netbsd-help but have no reply, so since I'm using
a current kernel, I thought I'd try the current list....Any ideas?

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I've record a .wav file on a windows system at 8000byte/s 8bit mono. I
copied it over to a NetBSD box and am trying to play it back, however
rather than taking 2.5 seconds, it plays in about half a second.

audioplay -f -s 8000 -P 8  message.wav

I'm actually trying to convert this to a .rmd format to use with vgetty.
Once converted and played back, I get the same thing.

Any ideas what is going on here? When I fetch the .wav file back from
the NetBSD it plays fine.


:!uname -a
NetBSD c643704-b 1.5W NetBSD 1.5W (WIBBLE) #0: Thu Jun 21 12:56:09 CDT 2001
root@c643704-b:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/WIBBLE i386

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