Subject: Re: directories in src/usr.bin/man/
To: salo <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/05/2001 12:38:46
On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Frederick Bruckman wrote:

> On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, salo wrote:
> > i am updating userland now and my make build failed in src/usr.bin/apropos
> > (and in whatis, man, etc.) because of directory with same name as apropos
> > binary wants to have in src/usr.bin/man. there are also directories named
> > makewhatis, whatis, etc. in those binaries compilation failed too. i just
> > removed those empty dirs and it seems to be ok but why they are there?

To answer your first question, they're there because there used to be
populated directories there, and "cvs" remembers. "cvs" retains a
record of all code that was ever committed, not only the current
branch head(s). You might require the empty directories to recall a
file that's been removed, or to use "log" or "annotate" on it. You
normally want to prune the empty directories, though...

>   echo update -P -d >> ~/.cvsrc

If you build in a tree without object dirs, you're going to have
another problem when you go to "cvs update" without an intervening
"make clean", and that is, "cvs" will fail to create those directories
because there are already files there. It's recommended that you set

BSDOBJDIR=              /usr/obj

(or some other suitable directory) in /etc/mk.conf, and also

MKOBJDIRS=              yes

to guarantee that the objdirs are created at the appropriate time in
the "make build" (right after "cleandir").