Subject: Re: daily and triweekly CVS update output
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/2001 18:09:05
Could someone who has access to the cvs and sup servers take care of
the following two problems?

From daily CVS update:
>cvs [server aborted]: cannot open directory /cvsroot/pkgsrc/pkg_tools: No such file or directory

(This was from a misimport - the package in question was reimported
correctly, but it looks like the remnants of the bad import weren't
fully cleaned up...)

From triweekly CVS update:
>Updating release-1-5 src tree (netbsd-1-5):
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/Makefile
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/debug.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/llparse.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/llparse.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/llscan.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/main.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/main.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/malloc.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/malloc.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/procs.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/procs.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/putdriver.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/sets.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/sets.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/test.trans
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/test_def.h
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.bnf
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.c
>? src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/Makefile; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/Makefile
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/debug.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/debug.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/llparse.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/llparse.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/llparse.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/llparse.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/llscan.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/llscan.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/main.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/main.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/main.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/main.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/malloc.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/malloc.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/malloc.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/malloc.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/procs.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/procs.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/procs.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/procs.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/putdriver.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/putdriver.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/sets.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/sets.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/sets.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/sets.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/test.trans; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/test.trans
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/test_def.h; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/test_def.h
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.bnf; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.bnf
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.c; it is in the way
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.c
>cvs update: move away src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.h; it is in the way
>Read from remote host Connection timed out
>C src/sys/netiso/xebec/xebec.h

(This looks like either a missing or damaged CVS directory, or a missing
or damaged CVS/Entries file, on the sup server.)

Thanks in advance from those of us who still like to use sup :)


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