Subject: Re: -CURRENT memory management fault - core dumps
To: Caffeinate The World <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/28/2001 13:42:47
On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 10:26:21AM -0700, Caffeinate The World wrote:
> it wasn't my mistake. $DESTDIR is on a different partition than /.
> after a "sync; sync; shutdown now" and i was in single user mode. i
> proceeded to "pax -rw -pe ..." the new root over the old root...
> (mental note, maybe use that separate partition to test boot from first
> before copying over would be a better idea). i see no difference
> between using pax command above versus "tar --unlink -xzvpf file.tgz".
> either way files will get copied over.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that somehow tar would succeed
where pax had failed (actually, things are far more likely to be the
opposite ;^>). By "untar" I merely meant "remove from tape archive
format". I'd have said so specifically if I thought you should
use some particularly tar command line, but I can see how it was
pretty unclear. Point is, there was nothing wrong with the command,
but the idea of unarchiving basic OS libraries and such over a live
and active filesystem always spooks me out a bit.

> i didn't see a need for "make release" because i would end up having to
> untar everything again. in this case no one else was going to use the
> build i made but myself. so leaving it in $DESTDIR and pax-ing over
> saved some time.

No argument. (I also frequently build on architectures--macppc,
next68k when I get it shipped back out to me--that don't exactly see
frequent snapshots, so I tend to usually do make relase and have it
around if someone needs a snapshot. ;^>)

> from searching the list, i saw that others reported very similar
> problems. perhaps it's only on the 64-bit architectures.

There has been some 64-bit mucking lately, has there not?

> i've not tested it out on the i386. speaking of which, how (if
> possible) do i build a release for the i386 on the Alpha? i think
> it would take the i386 a week (it's old and has IDE) versus the
> fast Alpha with UW SCSI.

I don't know about the specifics of doing a cross build for i386 on
alpha, but you might want to have a look at:
if you haven't already.

You've got me curious. I'm doing a cvs update now and I'll try a
make build later today on my AMD Athlon. (I'm already in the act of
doing one on macppc, though that'll probably be completely
unrelated... oh, especially as its -r netbsd-1-5, ne'mind.)

       ~ g r @