Subject: Question about raidframe and reconstruction
To: None <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/28/2001 00:50:55
	Hello folks.  I've been successfully running raidframe on a machine
with a 1tb raid for about 6 months. Two days ago, one of the drives failed
on the raid, and I was able to reconstruct the raid onto the spare.  Once
the reconstruction was complete. raidctl showed the spare as being in use. 
Before we could put on the replacement for the failed drive in the array,
but after reconstruction said it was complete, the root disk died on the
machine.  The root disk is not part of the array.  Now, with a new root
disk, but with the same config raid0.conf file, when I run raidctl -s, it
shows that the spare disk is just a spare, and the failed drive is still
failed.  Worse, it says that the parity is dirty, a condition I expected,
given the hard crash it took when the root disk died in the night.
	What confuses me, however, is the apparent lack of state as to the 
use of the spare disk.  Since I got fully reconstructed to the spare,
shouldn't I be able to recalculate parity using the spare?  And why does
the spare show as not being in use now that I've rebooted?
	Is there a way out of this without losing the data on the raid array?
I really don't understand the value of the spare if you lose it when you
reboot.  does the spare only work across reboots if you have autoconfigure