Subject: Re: Caller-ID Modems
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/27/2001 15:47:32
}[ On , June 27, 2001 at 22:49:26 (+0400), Jared "D." McNeill wrote: ]
}> Subject: Caller-ID Modems
}> Does anybody have any experience with Caller-ID modems? I want to log
}> the name, number, and time of all incoming calls (and pop up an xmessage
}> on my workstation with this information whenever someone calls).
}Yup, but I like my Rochelle 2800 2-line call display unit one heck of a
}lot better (at least a lot better than the Motorola 28.8 that I once
}used to "log" CID).  I've still not written a proper logging daemon for
}it though....

}(I'm looking for a replacement for it though that has all the same
}features, i.e. at least 2 lines, proper RS-232 computer interface or
}better, etc., as well as support for call-waiting CID.  I know it can be
}done passively, but I've not yet found any such device with a computer

We've got a couple of Supra external 33.6 fax modems that do caller id.
They don't do call waiting caller id, though.  I looked for one for my
sister for a while, and couldn't find any at anything remotely approaching
a reasonable price.

}> The modem responds to 'AT+VCID=1' with 'OK', yet when someone calls it
}> only says 'RING' for every ring and I don't get any CID information.
}Maybe that feature's not enabled in your firmware.  Do you have the
}manual and is that how they document enabling CID?

You might be able to update your firmware, too, and make it available.

}> Btw, the modem reports itself as ISA PnP Id "AEI1240", "ISA PnP 56K X2
}> Fax Modem" when in ISA PnP mode, but I have it jumpered in Legacy ISA
}> mode.
}You don't seem to say exactly what kind of modem it is, but I'll bet
}you're S.O.L.  :-(
I started Jared off on this caller id chase after bragging about our
home set up.  We've set up mgetty to do caller id and ring detection,
as we have distinctive ring.  If someone calls on our fax number, it
answers, if someone calls on our normal number, but we have their number
listed as being a telemarketer (for the few that have numbers) mgetty
routes them directly to fax.  We have a small caller id database that
it uses to convert numbers to 'nicknames', for example "Tracy's Dad".
It also does an LDAP query against Iowa State University's LDAP server
for numbers in the ISU prefix, so we can get an approximation of whose
number it is.  We have it set up to send pages to my husband & I, as
well as zephyrgrams and smb popups to both of us.  We've set it up so
that we can query the caller id database remotely, to see who the last
few calls were.

We've set up ringers for the phone that are triggered by x10, so that
we can have the ringers off at night, yet if someone calls that needs
to be able to get through, the remote ringers are triggered.  I'm on
24x7 call, so work gets through, but random wrong numbers from the
university don't.  We recently added the doorbell to this system, too.

Computers are fun.

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Project Vincent Systems Manager