Subject: Caller-ID Modems
To: None <>
From: D. <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/27/2001 22:49:26
Does anybody have any experience with Caller-ID modems? I want to log
the name, number, and time of all incoming calls (and pop up an xmessage
on my workstation with this information whenever someone calls).

The modem responds to 'AT+VCID=1' with 'OK', yet when someone calls it
only says 'RING' for every ring and I don't get any CID information.

I tried setting AT+FCLASS=8 before AT+VCID=1, and whenever the phone
rang the modem responded with '.R' (no new-line at the end).

I have Caller-ID service, and my Caller-ID phone successfully recorded
all of the test calls that I was making while trying to get this

So, is my modem broken (and I'm SOL), or am I doing something wrong?

Btw, the modem reports itself as ISA PnP Id "AEI1240", "ISA PnP 56K X2
Fax Modem" when in ISA PnP mode, but I have it jumpered in Legacy ISA