Subject: Re: make release failing
To: Mark Davies <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/21/2001 13:04:31
[ On Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 17:48:22 (+1200), Mark Davies wrote: ]
> Subject: make release failing
> make -f all
> make: "/mnt/SAVE/build.base/usr/share/mk/" line 38: Malformed conditional ((${MKSOFTFLOAT} != "no"))
> make: "/mnt/SAVE/build.base/usr/share/mk/" line 38: Missing dependency operator
> make: "/mnt/SAVE/build.base/usr/share/mk/" line 41: if-less endif
> make: "/mnt/SAVE/build.base/usr/share/mk/" line 41: Need an operator
> make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
> *** Error code 1
> Something broken in some Makefile?


>  or do I need to update something (nothing 
> mentioned in UPDATING)?

I don't think so....

In this case "MKSOFTFLOAT" is not yet defined.  I encountered the same
thing yesterday but I thought it was my problem because I've done some
major hacking on the various distrib makefiles.

In any case now depends on

Hmmm.... wait a moment -- my problem was in a normal hand-made Makefile.
(and I already had it included for some other reason, and just needed to
re-order the includes)

Your error is occuring in a makefile generated by "crunchgen"....
Hmmm... yes, I can reproduce it too, and my "crunchgen" has already been
updated and installed, as yours likely has too.

Instead of fixing "crunchgen" it might make more sense to have simply include (I've mostly given up on avoiding
nested includes, at least on unix systems...).

							Greg A. Woods

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