Subject: Re: 1.5 current NFS client problem?
To: Scott Presnell <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/2001 13:44:23
> I noticed that when I tried to read mail on my laptop running 1.5T, using
> my home from host A, I got corruption and/or some other kind of problem with
> the inbox.summary files that netscape uses to track table of contents.
> Eventually Netscape dumps, and I loose the summary file.  Call my laptop
> host C.  I blew this off for a while, since I didn't use my laptop
> connected to this network that often.


>      For starters, has anyone else experienced trouble like this?

Yes we have been seeing this.  At the beginning of the year we switched from 
having home directories on Tru64 boxes to NetBSD-current machines and at the 
same time client machines went from NetBSD 1.5I to NetBSD 1.5S.  With that 
change the few people that use Netscape to read their mail started seeing this 
corruption of the *.summary files.  Poking around at the time suggested that 
NFS was a factor though it was difficult to test as the users don't have 
login access to the file servers.  The workaround was for them to use Netscape 
from a Solaris or Tru64 box to read their mail :-(  We are currently running 
1.5U most places and I've been meaning to test if its still happening with 
this or a current (1.5W) current but haven't managed to yet which is why I 
haven't posted anything.

We are also appearing to see some corruption when using netatalk when netatalk 
is accessing a filesystem that is NFS mounted but not when its a local 
filesystem.  In this particular case the nature of the corruption appears to 
be that some part of the "resource fork" file is nulled out.