Subject: Re: problem with 1.5W : system freezes with 'make' and kernel panic (pmap)
To: Samuel.Hornus <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/09/2001 01:19:37
Mutt made me believe that Samuel.Hornus wrote:
> I have a powermac G4. (concerned by the new pmap)
> Using a 1.5W kernel with 1.5V userland is strange !
> each time I do some 'make' ('make update' in pkgsrc/audio/xmms or
> 'make obj' in /usr/src (to update userland)) everything freezes after a
> few seconds.
> once, at boot time I got this kernel panic :
> 	panic: pool_put: pmap_pl: page header missing
> 	Stopped in pid 7 (reaper) at cpu_Debbuger...
> ... have no idea what to do from here... wait for some time until
> changes are made to pmap ? (BTW: what is it ?) but the freezes may not
> come from this new pmap ? indeed I had them before too but more
> occasionaly and now I have them each time I use 'make'.

The problem is known and being worked on (something is causing pool

For the time being, try to use an older kernel (anything before the
new pmap code went in should be fine).


Thomas Klausner -