Subject: Re: latest make in -current broken?
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/08/2001 14:40:36
> Also, the recursion invocations sprinkled throughout pkgsrc need to replace
> the:
>     ${MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS}
> (which should be entirely redundant) with:
>     ${MAKE}
> (which should automatically propagate the proper flags).

After looking at pkgsrc yesterday I wasn't able to convince myself
that that would be correct. adds a bunch of stuff to
MAKEFLAGS which would not end up being exported - since they were not
set on the command line.  That's the main reason I implemented the
bit so that can continue to work as it does and the pkgsrc
folk can decide for themselves which way they want to go - without a
gun to their collective heads :-)

FWIW, I the problem I was seeing with the lynx-current package, seems
to have been addressed by the latest patch - and the result was much
the same with or without .MAKEOVERRIDES= since  make will now correctly?
quote the stuff it exports - and suppress duplicates too, so you
should not end up exhausting your environment space...

Having said that, I'd still propose adding .MAKEOVERRIDES= 
to for now at least.

Again, I appologise to the pkgsrc folk for not thinking to test these
changes on pkgsrc before committing them.

Anyone object to the current patch?