Subject: VM space leak?
To: None <>
From: Witold J. Wnuk <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/04/2001 16:46:02
NetBSD-current 1.5V.

Lot of things changed around recently so I can't really say when I started
seeing this.

The effect is easy to observe with acroread. When I try to view
.pdf file, swap usage will keep increasing causing hang in few minutes.
Sometimes one click in acroread is worth 1MB of swap space. I see
similiar effects with certain other applications.

> swapctl -s
total: 294328k bytes allocated = 278340k used, 15988k available
> ps u
witek 648  0.0  0.2  348   272 p4 R+    4:36PM 0:00.00 ps u 
witek 304  0.0 17.2 8972 22512 p2 S+    4:26PM 0:38.34 /usr/local/bin/acroread 

Yes, 128MB RAM and almost 300MB of swap are used.

When I quit acroread, swap usage will go down:
> swapctl -s
total: 294328k bytes allocated = 44592k used, 249736k available

I see this effect on two NetBSD/i386 -current machines. Configuration
is quite different - one is diskless client with swap on NFS, second
is standalone box with swap on local disk.

Anyone has idea what is happening?

This problem is very easy to repeat, and I would be happy to provide
additional information.


	Witold J. Wnuk