Subject: Re: Pb with my "Network interfaces" or with my "adsl connection"
To: Xc0r <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/2001 09:57:54
> I try man pppoe but .... what should i search ? what should i change ?

     pppoe [-d] -e ethernet-ifname [-s service-name] [-a
     access-concentrator-name] ifname

Like I told you last time:

You most likely need a service-name (or your DSL connection is not working
at all). *Which* service name you need, of course, I have no clue. This is
something your provider should (be able to) tell you.

A bit more detail: when initiating a PPPoE session, the client sends a
PADI (PPPoE Active Discovery Initiaion) packet. This specifies a service
he would like to connect to. Most of the time, this service is an empty
string, as ADSL lines are wired/routed via ATM to a specific service
provider. In your case, this does not seem to be the case.

When the PADI broadcast is received by an access concentrator that offers
the requested service, it answers with an PADO (PPPoE Active Discovery Offer).
You do not receive this offer.

This may have multiple reasons: your network card you use to connect to
your DSL modem may be nonfunctional, your DSL line is dead (so the access 
concentrator does not receive the PADI), your providers access concentrator
is down, or your service name is wrong. 

Rumors say some DSL services are  bound to a specific network card used to
talk to the modem (i.e. the access concentrator only answers to specific
ethernet addresses).