Subject: Re: WARNING: -current toplevel build process changing!
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/01/2001 21:52:50
On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 02:27:51PM -0400, Todd Vierling wrote:
> In just a little bit I'll be committing changes to the toplevel "src"
> build process.  The new build system will create a directory to hold
> build-time tools, such as gcc, binutils, bmake, and so forth.  These are
> used BOTH for cross-compiling and native compiling, so as to ensure that
> proper versions of the tools are used for the source tree being compiled.
> The tools will only be recompiled when needed.

Ok, where was this discussed before?
I don't remember to read a proposal in the last weeks.

> To set where these tools are installed, set TOOLDIR in the environment (NOT
> /etc/mk.conf).  TOOLDIR will default to "src/tools/local" if not explicitly

Why NOT /etc/mk.conf?

> set.  The layout is similar to /usr/local (with "bin", "lib", etc.
> subdirectories).
> The existing toplevel targets (make build, make obj, make clean[dir], etc.)
> will still work; there will just be a Makefile shim that bootstraps bmake
> where needed.
> On most platforms, the build tools will consist of only bmake at this time,
> so any automated builds should continue to work fine if your "src" is
> writable.  This will expand to a full set of build tools, suitable for

Wait a second? I have no way to mount src read only anymore?

So, what have I set in /etc/mk.conf to disable this broken behaviour?
I do not wan't to mount src writeable when I do a make in it.