Subject: Re: IPFilter license changes
To: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
From: Jasper Wallace <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/30/2001 17:14:20

On 30 May 2001, Wolfgang Rupprecht wrote:

> Darren Reed <>  wrote:
> > I'd kindly appreciate it if people like yourself stopped speaking out of
> > turn, stirring up trouble, when there is no need, especially as matters
> > are already being resolved.
> Let me add my voice that I get a *very* uneasy feeling from this
> license change and/or clarification.
> Half the reason for me running an open OS is precisely so that I can
> make changes on a whim.  The whole anon-cvs structure makes it fairly
> easy to apply small patches here and there.  These recent license
> changes appear to make it illegal to do such if the changes fall into
> the ipf part of the tree.  If indeed this is the case then I will have
> to seriously evaluate whether I am making a mistake in staying with
> NetBSD, and if there should infact be a penguin in my future.

From what i can tell there is no problem with you patching ipf like this.
The issue is either:

Your no-longer allowed to (of have never been allowed to) redistribute
patched/custom versions with out Darren's permission. (which is where people
may be getting upset).


Your not allowed to (or have never been allowed to) redistribute non-release
versions of ipf without Darren's permission. (which is fair enough -
preventing people releaseing potentially broken code as part of an OS
release is fairly sane).


Something else.

I'm confused about the whole issue, mainly due to the large number of
conflicting stories running around the place.

I think it would clear the air a little if a definitive statement on what
the changes mean for users, and what the intent of the changes is, where to
appear on the ipfilter web pages.

 - jasper [a happy ipf users for 3 years or so].

[...and i suspect that this whole mess is the usual storm in a teacup]

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