Subject: Re: Your message on netbsd current users
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/30/2001 15:56:30
On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 03:36:31PM +0200, Marc Espie wrote:
> We have very similar project goals to NetBSD. It appears we take them
> more seriously.

> I would tend to infer that some NetBSD users tend to see these goals as
> something important... it might be they're at odd with core@ in that

Speculative, fud-like comments like these do not exactly help the
situation. Please defer your comments until our arrangement with
Darren has been worked out and announced. We're working that out
privately, I don't think that flamage on public forums are a way
to settle issues.

- Frank

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