Subject: Confusing "current" versions of IPF (a.o.?)
To: None <>
From: T@W <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/22/2001 21:24:15
Hi all,

1.some weeks ago I started to follow current by pulling in files from the
current 1-5 branch.
IPF build fine as version 3.4.16.
Then Darren Reed announced major flaws with "keep state" in e'y version
before 3.4.17, so I decided to pull in the total current branch with cvs in
the hope to find IPF-3.4.17 in there.


IPF is set back to  3.4.9 (oh please).
And I've the feeling that this is not the only one (don't wanna check all
What about OpenSSH and OpenSSL?

So a request to the various developers: Please do try to bring binaries up
to decent dates and 'bugfree' versions as much as possible.

2.Oh and while I'm on this would it be possible to decide on having certain
binaries in src OR in pkgsrc (i.e. both install OpenSSH happily, but by
default in different places, ending up with different versions of the same
thing in two different places.
I think this is a rather confusing situation.