Subject: .WAIT ??
To: None <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/19/2001 22:17:28
Might be I'm simply too dumb to do it :>

(I am running a NetBSD-1.5)

I wanted to install a -current NetBSD, thus got a -current source
if NetBSD via cvs, and all went fine so far - I compiled a new config (with 
-DMAKE_BOOTSTRAP *grumble*), compiled the kernel, rebooted, and wanted to 
rebuilt the whole userland. Strange enough I cannot compile the userland, as 
various Makefiles declare a subdirectory named '.WAIT' as a target. ("Of 
course" the .WAIT directory doesn't exist :). Soo could somebody pls drop me 
a short explanation of what I'm doing wrong ? I don't know if it's safe to 
simply cut out all the subdirs named '.WAIT' in tons of Makefiles...

It's a bit hurting for first-time-compilers btw to track -current if the doc 
on are not appropriate.

Thanx in advance,

Martin Weber