Subject: Re: A release-users list
To: Chris Pinnock <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/18/2001 08:57:10
> > But, unlike -current, -release contains changes that are relatively stable
> > and are destined to appear in the next release (correct?).
> Relatively stable. Sometimes the tree gets broken. Other times there are

Erm, I don't think that that's quite the kind of stable that I meant.  As
I understand it, features going into -curret can be yanked, or might
undergo considerable evloution before they appear in a release form.
Barring bugs, though, things that go into -release are pretty much as they
will appear in a real release.  Is that so?

If this is correct, the feature-stability of -release will tend to make
feature-related problems, and solutions, important to normal users of very
near-future regular releases.

> > I would suggest that if release-users is created, it should have a more
> > narrow focus.  Perhaps something along the following lines:
> >
> >     A forum for announcing features included in -release, as well as for
> >     discussing technical issues in tracking the -release branch.
> Having pondering on this overnight, I think your suggestion is good.
> (Although potentially we could have more than one release branch.)


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