Subject: Re: A release-users list
To: Chris Pinnock <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/17/2001 14:35:49
> > If -release, like -current, is in constant flux, then the need for a place
> > to post announcements (and even ask flux-related questions) makes sense to
> > me.  Is this the nature of -release?  (I went looking for a definition of
> > it, but couldn't turn it up on the NetBSD FAQ pages.)
> Try:

Thanks.  Should I have been able to find that starting from ?

(Hm.  The NetBSD release graph appears to be outdated.  Or is the release
graph just simply an example of exploded detail from the ``Overview of
NetBSD release branches'' diagram?)

> release-users could be:
> "A forum for all people using up-to-date versions of the NetBSD-release
> source trees."

But, unlike -current, -release contains changes that are relatively stable
and are destined to appear in the next release (correct?).  So while
current-users is at least theoretically mostly of interest to -current
users, release-users would be theoretically of interest to everyone. least, if it is oriented as stated above.

I would suggest that if release-users is created, it should have a more
narrow focus.  Perhaps something along the following lines:

    A forum for announcing features included in -release, as well as for
    discussing technical issues in tracking the -release branch.

(The intent, possibly poorly executed, is to restrict the topic such that
people not running -release need never read release-users nor review
release-users archived messages.  Given the existence of quite general
lists already, I believe that such a restricted topic is highly

> > Previously, I have understood -release to just be a psuedonym for the most
> > recent release, and that -release is only in limited flux---during release
> > cycles.  If that understanding is correct, then IMHO it would be best to
> > direct -release-related questions to netbsd-help.
> Sometimes a technical discussion would be better off not being on
> netbsd-help.

I suppose that that in part depends upon how you view the nature of
netbsd-help.  With netbsd-users converted to a general chatter list, I've
felt that netbsd-help really _is_ the place for general NetBSD technical
discussions.  Still, that is just my opinion.

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."