Subject: Re: /etc/mk.conf: MKKERBEROS=no has no effect
To: Patrick Welche <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/17/2001 09:03:10
On Thu, 17 May 2001, Patrick Welche wrote:

# > Upon examination of the makefile, I see a
# > .if $MKKERBEROS == "no"
# > there.  This is bloody absurd.  We already have stuff in /etc/mk.conf
# > which says "If you want to build kerberos, then _enable_ these variables
# > and set them to something meaningful", essentially.  Okay, fine, says I,
# > and I put MKKERBEROS=no into /etc/mk.conf.
# >
# > I *still* have the same result -- openssh bitches mightily about
# > misconfigured/undefined kerberos things upon build.
# ...
# Can you be a bit more precise about the breakage? I've had "MKKERBEROS=no"
# in my /etc/mk.conf ever since crypto was free for us lot to use with no
# problems.. That isn't to say it definitely did something, but nothing
# complained.

I don't know what you're looking for; if I don't say MKKERBEROS=no on the
command line, I see "-DKRB5" and "-DKRB4" show up in the make output.

And you can't say that make doesn't (eventually) look at /etc/mk.conf,
since every other parameter in there does get set (LOCALBASE -> /usr/local,
X11BASE -> /usr/X11, &c.).

...Aha, just found it nestled inside the .else section of the .ifndef

Blah, sorry to take up your time while I turned on my brain. :-P

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