Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc
To: Tim Preston <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/16/2001 17:03:08
[ On Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 17:37:15 (+0100), Tim Preston wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc
> Luke Mewburn wibbled one day
> > If you actually tried this, you'll note that shutdown(8) runs
> > /etc/rc.shutdown on the terminal you've connected from (not
> > /dev/console), and has done since /etc/rc.shutdown was implemented
> > (even before rc.d was incorporated).
> How does this help if you don't use the 'now' flag and log off?

Why would you log off?  That's shooting yourself in the foot!  You
should always just let the system (i.e. init) kill your shell -- that
way you know the shutdown actually completed!

If you've set the shutdown time to be in the future and you realise it
might hang before the final 5-min limit arrives then you can simply
login again and kill it!

If you've set the shutdown time to be in the future, but you don't
notice the problem until too late then presumably you've been smart
enough to ensure that it won't explicitly shut down key services such as
"sshd" and thus anyone authorised can still login as root on any secure
terminal (or in the case of sshd, authorised remote client) and
determine why the shutdown hung.

> > To repeat, shutdown(8) runs /etc/rc.shutdown, not init(8).
> > 
> > If you don't want to run /etc/rc.shutdown (and therefore run the rc.d
> > scripts with tagged with "KEYWORDS: shutdown"), use `reboot' instead of
> > `shutdown -r now'.
> Eek! 'reboot' is a really bad move on one of my systems. I had to make
> shutdown run /etc/rc.d/swap* [1]  or the mirrored swap doesn't get
> unconfigured and I end up with dirty parity which takes a considerable
> time to rebuild.

What's your problem then?  :-)

The new behaviour ensures that your shutdown scripts run safely to

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