Subject: /etc/mk.conf: MKKERBEROS=no has no effect
To: BSD Current Users <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/15/2001 11:25:22

Whenever I go to build openssh (in particular) or anything else that tenta-
tively wants to have kerberos built into it, it pukes big time.  So,
considering that I a) don't run kerberos, b) don't want to run kerberos
and c) therefore don't want to build in kerberos support, I'd like to be
able to disable the building of and dependencies upon the kerberos files.

Upon examination of the makefile, I see a
.if $MKKERBEROS == "no"
there.  This is bloody absurd.  We already have stuff in /etc/mk.conf
which says "If you want to build kerberos, then _enable_ these variables
and set them to something meaningful", essentially.  Okay, fine, says I,
and I put MKKERBEROS=no into /etc/mk.conf.

I *still* have the same result -- openssh bitches mightily about
misconfigured/undefined kerberos things upon build.

I'd _really_ like to see this go away somehow, without having to put
MKKERBEROS=no on the command line to "make".

I'm going to update my entire tree _again_ just to make sure it's not
a problem there, but this is just ridiculous.

Should I get rid of the KERBEROS= stuff out of my /etc/mk.conf (it's
all commented out at the moment)?

*BSD. Not Guano.