Subject: Getting current install floppies
To: None <>
From: Paul Hoffman <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/2001 14:53:34
Greetings again. I've been off this list for some time because I 
don't run -current any more. However, and Manuel said a few days ago, 
I have a new system that doesn't boot 1.5 because it has the Adaptec 
7899 (this is on the motherboard of a brand-new Dell 1550 1U 
rackmount system). From your replies to you him, it sounds like this 
might work with -current.

A few questions:
- Are the binaries for 1.5.1BETA2 imminent? If so, will they include 
boot floppy images?
- If not, could someone create -current boot floppy images for me and 
email them to me? I would like to at least see if they can correctly 
see the controller and the drive.

FWIW, the system can install FreeBSD 4.2 and OpenBSD 2.8 just fine, 
so I'm hopeful that it will do the next NetBSD. If not, I guess I'll 
become a FreeBSD user....

--Paul Hoffman