Subject: Emacs 21 snapshot package
To: None <>
From: Jason Beegan <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/2001 21:46:16
I've made a package of an unofficial snapshot of GNU Emacs 21.

You can get the files to build it with pkgsrc from:

That's the short version.  The rest of this message is for those
requiring more details.

The snapshot includes countless changes from emacs-20.7.  Some of the
most visible changes include:

  * Variable width fonts.
  * Support for many image formats including png, jpeg, tiff, gif, xpm.
  * Audio support.  You can play sound files with "M-x play-sound-file".
    I haven't tested this myself, so I can't vouch for it.
  * Colour support for character-cell displays.
  * Many new lisp packages:
	Eshell:  A shell written in emacs lisp.
	WoMan:   New package for browsing Unix manpages.
	EUDC:    A common interface to directory servers using various
	         protocols such as LDAP or the CCSO white pages directory
	         system (PH/QI).
	Ebrowse:  A C++ class browser.
	Autotype: Convenient features for text that you enter frequently
                  in Emacs.

	and others.
  * A toolbar.
  * More documentation.
  * Many bug fixes.
  * Possibly a number of new bugs ...

You will have to build from sources for now.

You need to have pkgsrc available. To build:

      $ cd pkgsrc/editors
      $ ftp
      $ sh emacs21.shar
      $ cd emacs21
      $ make

and, if all goes well,

      $ make install

should leave you with an emacs-21 snapshot to try out.

A few things are worth noting:

 * There are a number of new variables you can set in /etc/mk.conf.
   (Possibly too many).  Have a look at emacs21/Makefile if you
   want to know what they are.  The default is to build with as many
   features as possible.
 * Toolkit scrollbar support requires LessTif/Motif.  This means that
   unless you've got xpkgwedge (pkgsrc/pkgtools/xpkgwedge) installed
   emacs will be installed in ${X11BASE} (which for most people is
 * Some of your elisp code may not work properly in this new
   version.  I know some of the elisp packages in pkgsrc don't
   work properly with it.  It shouldn't take too many changes to
   fix them.  Some of the changes are already available on -- alas emacs-21.* isn't -:)

The corresponding version of leim can be installed using files available
from the same place, viz.

and installation is similar to previous versions.

Let me know if you have any problems installing.  Enjoy!

Jason Beegan  (

SHA1 (emacs21.shar) = 8065a0b61598ecf2d64c824a0dc522bfe90334e4
SHA1 (leim21.shar) = a7522ae8102022d1cd4997a50fa93e7115a37347