Subject: Re: kernel won't start on i386
To: None <,>
From: Sean Doran <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/11/2001 19:49:17
| All I get when I try to boot is the bootloader message (this from a custom
| config; GENERIC does the same, but the numbers are different, of course):

This is similar to the problems I wrote I was having with -current
on an IBM 600 laptop, except that:

|   booting wd0a:netbsd - starting in 0
|   2422950+35300+168700 [65+129968+94525]=0x2b9498
|   [stops here after CRLF--no further output]

Instead of stops_here, I get resets/reboots immediately.

| The currently working kernel is 1.5S from March 15, and I also successfully
| booted the 1.5T GENERIC kernel from the April 7 snapshot.

I have an April 19 kernel working.  Nothing after about 5 May has worked for 
me on the laptop.

Some suggestions about the MCA boot code being responsible were
made: I backed them out and have the same problem.  

	Sean. (who was busy/lazy and didn't send-pr...)