Subject: Re: ssh and key_verify failed for server_host_key
To: Sean Doran <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/2001 23:58:43
>  Whenever I use ssh (-current client) to talk to a host (NetBSD
>or otherwise) where protocol 2 is available, I get the error
>"key_verify failed for server_host_key".  I'm stumped - does anyone
>know what causes this?  (I can work around it by forcing use of
>protocol 1 by the client).


	server side:
	(1) do you have sshv2 host keys in /etc/ssh_host_{dsa,rsa}_key on
	the server?  (2) do you have them listed in /etc/sshd.conf?
	oterhwise, openssh sshd will automatically turn off v2 support.

	client side:
	run ssh with -v.