Subject: Re: PPP over Ethernet integrated into -current
To: None <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/2001 10:58:30
> 1) You need at least
> 	pseudo-device pppoe 1	# or 2 or something
> in your kernel config file, otherwise pppoectl will give an error code
> 4294967295 (or similar).  Don't know where/why the negative number is
> being returned to userland.

Oh, heh, should have stated that requirement ;-)
I'll look into the bad error reporting.

> 2) Haven't got the netstart.local script working yet.  Didn't have
> much time to try this morning.  Will try again tonight (or in a month).

A good way to track down this configuration issues is to do 
"ifconfig pppoe0 debug" to turn on additional debug output (and use
"ifconfig pppoe0 -debug" to turn it off again).

This will syslog all PPP negotiation messages (albeit slightly cryptic).


P.S.: A generic bug in the sppp routines causes spurios "illegal IPCP up" or
"down" messages sometimes. These typically do not cause any harm.