Subject: Re: NetBSD for HP9000/800 anyone?
To: Dave McGuire , Nigel Reed <>
From: Peter Eisch <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/2001 23:31:18
>> Anyway, if anyone is seriously interested in porting to this architecture
>> then please let me know or if you know anyone who might be up for it, send
>> them my way.
> Those buggers have AMAZING floating point power.  It'd be great to
> see a standard OS like NetBSD running on them.

Yeah, another sappy me too, but I have a G70 (2-way) with about 1G of ram
and 20x2G drives.  I've been looking for a y2k HPUX for it so I could use it
as an mp3 spooler and not have to hack around date issues.  It would be nice
to use it for more than that but I'm getting too old to be proficient in 13
OS', 12's my limit...

I could chip that in as well as some other resources if there's are
interested and capable parties.  Along that line I could give away some
712's if it would help the effort.  Atleast they run NEXTSTEP pretty well