Subject: Re: Xircom Realport Ethernet 10 RE-10 not being properly configured
To: Mike Cheponis <mac@Wireless.Com>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/2001 15:29:18
On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 11:36:46PM -0700, Mike Cheponis wrote:
> The RE-10 is recognized like this:
> xi0 at pcmcia0 function 0 port 0x400-0x40f: Xircom CreditCard 10/100 Ethernet
> xio: Ethernet address 00:10:a4:e4:a2:d2
> pcmcia0: card ira 9
> Note that the RE-10 is not 10/100 - it's just 10
> as well as the machine (I have 4 class C networks here).
nothing helpful, just a "me too" and a memory that the
manufacturer/product id returned by the card really is what is written in
the files for the CreditCard - maybe a CreditCard user could confirm it's
right, but my memory is that both cards return the same id => how can the
driver tell the difference? Don't have a laptop anymore to try, but do have
the cards..