Subject: Re: bug in NFS_V2_ONLY option
To: Ben Harris <>
From: Christian Groessler <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/22/2001 22:20:38
On 04/21/2001 04:00:54 PM CET Ben Harris wrote:
>In article <> you write:
>[ getcwd() failing over NFS ]
>Does passing the "-2" option to mount_nfs (to force it to use NFSv2) have
>any effect, either with or without NFS_V2_ONLY?  This should indicate
>whether the bug's in the NFSv2 code itself, or in my hacks.

I did some more tests. I previously thought I only have NFSv2 servers,
but one seems to support v3 :-)

I did the following tests with both a NetBSD 1.3.3 and a FreeBSD 2.2.8
server. The FreeBSD server from the man pages appears to support
v3. (Side-question: how can I verify which version is used for a
particular mount point?)

Here are the results:

kernel with NFS_V2_ONLY option:
        mount_nfs -2 ...   works
        mount_nfs -3 ...   doesn't work, bug appears

kernel without NFS_V2_ONLY option:
        mount_nfs -2 ...   works
        mount_nfs -3 ...   works

BTW, shouldn't "mount_nfs -3" return an error if the server doesn't
support v3?

>>Please fix!  :-)
>Please file a PR!

I will do. But I'm still sorting out the circumstances where the bug