Subject: D-Link DFE-650 or Linksys EtherFast?
To: None <>
From: dive <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/21/2001 07:25:26
I've been trying to no avail for days now to get my D-Link DFE-650 working,
and am no closer now than I was before, but I've noticed something that
might have a lot to do with it:

pcmcia0: CIS version PCMCIA 2.0 or 2.1
pcmcia0: CIS info: D-Link, DFE-650, Fast Ethernet, Rev. D1
pcmcia0: Manufacturer code 0x149, product 0x230
pcmcia0: function 0: network adapter, ccr addr 400 mask b
pcmcia0: function 0, config table entry 32: I/O card; irq mask befc; iomask 5, iospace 0-1f; mwait_required io16 irqlevel
ne0 at pcmcia0 function 0 port 0x400-0x40f port 0x410-0x41f
ne0: can't match ethernet vendor code

now, if I look in the definitions for all the PCMCIA cards in
sys/dev/pcmciadevs*, I see that manufacturer 0x149 is really Linksys and
product 0x230 is a linksys etherfast.

is there any way this can be worked around, in order to make the DFE-650

Any help at all would be much appreciated.