Subject: Re: /usr/include/net/pfil.h
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/2001 15:30:02
Adam Majewski <> wrote:
>>         if you are on netbsd-current, please grab revision 1.19.
> I have changed this file by hand and run 'make NOINCLUDES= build'
> but i want to ask one question. I am running current with nightly sup.
> Sup gets files on 1.00 am. As i saw, new pfil.h was put on:
> Wed Apr 11 14:44:55 2001 UTC (20 hours, 56 minutes ago) by itojun.
> Why my sup didn't get new file?

This is due to the details of how the supscan actually works:

1. A file is updated on the official source tree,

2. That tree is rsync'ed to every few hours.

3. Starting sometime around 6-7AM UTC, the daily CVS update runs on, which connects to and updates the
sup server's local copies of the "current" tree for src, pkgsrc, doc,
and xsrc.

4. Once the CVS update finishes, the tar files on the sup server (which
is also the ftp server) are updated.

5. After the tar file updates, the sup scanner runs.  This is what
actually updates the lists of which files sup will send you.
Though the sup list for "current" is usually the first one updated
(before "mirror" and "anoncvs"), it still won't often complete until
a few hours after the CVS update ran.

Thus, if you supped at 01:00 UTC Apr 12, you got files from the supscan
list that completed at 09:36 UTC Apr 11 (a relatively quick one!), from
the CVS update that hit anoncvs's src around 06:00 UTC Apr 11, which
picked up the rsync shortly before.  All long before the
file in question was updated (at 14:44 UTC Apr 11).

It could be worse - due to connection refusals by,
there _still_ hasn't been a valid CVS update of the release-1-5 branch
on since either the ntp fix or the update to 1.5.1_BETA...


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