Subject: Re: 1.5.1 Floppy image
To: NetBSD-current <>
From: Xavier HUMBERT <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/2001 21:17:50
In message <>, gabriel rosenkoetter

>Removing only the usb devices and ohci (plus the PCI bus that only
>shipped in usb-enabled machines, if that makes you happy) was enough
>to make it fit for my 1.5S snapshot.
>See the thread about it, oh, two weeks ago now?

Yes, and IMHO, it was a bad decision : on the G4 I'm painfully
installing, the only kernel that boots on the HFS partition is boot.fs
(the old one). Unfortunately yours can't, since there is no keyboard

Since the internal 100TX ethernet card is *not* recognised by the
Install kernel, I think my approch, which was dropping NFS, was better.

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