Subject: Re: Canon S100.
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/2001 11:24:23
> > >I bought the camera and then was disappointed when I couldn't get pics off
> > >it with my netbsd laptop.  Luke suggested upgrading to -current and it 
> > >worked.
> > 
> > how -current is that -current?  mine's yesterday.  is today better, or
> > should i only expect to get a ugen out of it?
>Here's what I get when I turn the camera on:
>	ugen0 at uhub0 port 1
>	ugen0: Canon Inc. PowerShot S100, rev 1.00/0.01, addr 2
>and when I turn the camera off:
>	ugen0: at uhub0 port 1 (addr 2) disconnected
>	ugen0 detached

ah, okay.  that's what i always got.

>I'm not sure what date the fix appeared but it wasn't in the 20010324

i've gotten that reaction much further back than that, albeit always
on the -current head.  stupid logs don't have anything though...

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