Subject: large disk preformance
To: None <>
From: Tyrel Beede <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/2001 13:54:09
I recently replaced my 4.5 GB UW SCSI @ 7200 rpm drive with an IDE 30 GB
@ 5400 rpm.  The switch wasn't optional and I've come to notice that the
new drive lags with interactive preformance every now and then.  For
example I'll be running a vi session and things will just kinda bog
down, it seems to occur at random points( some of the time just after a
reboot and others after the machine has been up for a few days ).  The
lag is kinda like working with a vi session over a slow telnet link.
I'll type on the keyboard and a few seconds later the commands will show
up.  I've got 96 megs of ram in the machine and I don't even have X
installed so the machine isn't really being hit hard for memory.  This
problem isn't really that big because the lag only happens every now and
then... maybe once a day.  But it never happend on my SCSI drive running
the same kernel.  Anybody have any tuning ideas?