Subject: Suspected file system corruption with current CVS
To: None <>
From: Neil Booth <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/02/2001 19:16:05
I've been trying to checkout the whole CVS tree over a 56K modem.
This has involved doing it over more than one session, since I've had
to disconnect the modem at certain times.  On my latest session, CVS
has been giving errors like

cvs [server aborted]: cannot open directory
/cvsroot/gnusrc/gnu/dist/gcc/co     fig: No such file or directory

and sure enough there is a directory in my tree called "co      fig".
There was another one called "d, 4S".  I assume these originated at my
end rather than the CVS server end, but I cannot be sure.   It's
curious that it seems to have affected directory names only, but that
could be a fluke.

I run NetBSD on a Pentium (i586) box.  Sorry I can't provide any other
relevant information.